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Get help on ITV – appear on UK TV

Maverick Television are making a new documentary series for ITV on the subject of mental health and behavioural issues in children and young people.  The programmes are being made in conjunction with the world-renowned centre for the study and treatment of psychological issues in children, the Anna Freud Centre.

The programme will cover a broad range of behavioural and mental health conditions in children and young people, from more minor problems such as anxiety and social phobia to more serious problems such as self-harm, depression and body dysmorphia.

The programme aims to follow a number of children and young people as they go through the process of being assessed and offered a course of therapy by the Anna Freud Centre’s team of expert clinicians or recommended therapists in their local area.  All treatment will be paid for and therapy sessions will continue after the period of filming has ended.

We are looking for some courageous young people who might be prepared to talk about their personal experience of mental health issues and to be followed as they go through the therapeutic process in the documentary series.  We are looking for males and females who are under the age of 20 and are from all regions of the UK and all types of social backgrounds.  We would need for you to have the consent of your parents to be involved and for you to be prepared to be filmed at home and within the therapeutic environment.  We hope that being involved in the programme would be a positive experience for both yourselves and your family and that it will hopefully raise awareness of such issues amongst the wider community.

Undertaking therapy of any kind is an important step to consider, and being filmed, sharing your life on television is a very serious step that you should discuss with your family and friends at length.

If you feel like you might wish to find out more about the programme, please get in touch with me on – I will pass your details (gender, age, general location in the UK) directly on to Maverick Television for them to respond to you via email. Any approach made to the production team would be treated in the strictest of confidence and there would be no obligation to be involved in the programme.


  • Wedge

    Talking about your life on TV is a big step, for you and for your family and friends. As we say, it’s vital that you talk the idea over with your loved ones before volunteering for this counselling opportunity.

    If this sounds like a good idea for you, and you’re under 20 and willing to be involved, email me on and I’ll pass your details (gender, age, location) straight on the the production company for them to get back to you.

  • kevin blumer

    Problem with this is people who are young and have mental problems feel very much left behind and nobody cares i could see a program like that kind of working but do people really want to be seen when they are young on tv on the positive side i suppose if you diagnose something early enuff and get people sorted younger they have the rest of there life to live


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