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Mosaic films

Animated film about self-injury

The BBC is going to make a series of animated documentary films for children and young teens, and one of them will focus on overwhelming feelings and self-injury.

Have you ever found it difficult to manage your feelings? Did you find you were hurting yourself because you felt unhappy or anxious? Would you like others to understand?

If you are aged between 8 – 16 years, you could take part. Or maybe you know someone who would like to? Maybe you’ve a child or sibling that would like to share their story.

AnimationMosaic Films is looking for young people who can reflect on their experiences of mental distress. You wouldn’t be filmed, they only record your voice and then they create an animated character of you. Take a look at this one.

View the animated film.

You will be anonymous; you don’t have to use your name, and your face will never be seen – only your voice is heard.

Your parents will be involved, and they get to check everything. The recordings will happen in London, or your nearest city, in the middle of December and also in January 2017.

Your film will be used in schools and by organisations all over the UK to promote a better understanding of the pressures young people face. It will also appear on the BBC website, like the one above.

If you might be interested in taking part, please email as soon as you’ve talked to your parents (or have your parent / guardian send the email). Please use the subject line  of ‘Animation’.