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Video SIAD

A little video for Self-Injury Awareness Day

Here’s our video / slideshow thingy for sharing before SIAD. You’ll need speakers / headphones for the sound. It’s like 2.5 minutes.

You can head to YouTube to watch it if you like.

It’s also available on Tumblr and Twitter, and it’s been watched on Facebook over 3,600 times :)

It would be so great if you could reblog, retweet, and share our video. Check the #SIAD hashtag on Twitter (and follow us).

But tell us what else you’re doing for SIAD? Are you speaking out? Are you wearing orange? Will you ask for help and support? Will you tell someone about your struggle?

Writband pile close-up 2015Don’t miss our new 2015 wristbands (which glow in the dark) – order now if you want one before SIAD.

Thank you for all your support, donations, and messages of hope.

Our main SIAD page is the most popular SIAD resource on the web.

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