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We’ve written a real book

We’ve written a 100+ page book that answers many of the most common, most important and most difficult questions about self-injury and self-harm. We get a lot of questions from people, and we have brought our ten years’ of experience to the book. We wrote it, and as you know, we have personal experience of self-injury.

We want it to be available early next year, in time for Self-Injury Awareness Day (SIAD) on the 1st of March 2013. It will be a real book for you to buy and we also hope to produce a virtual version, an ebook for your computer, tablet or Kindle. We think it will be helpful and useful to parents, partners, friends and health care workers, as well as to people who hurt themselves.

We’re editing the manuscript now, and designing the layout of the book. We need to get it printed soon so we can have it on sale in January or February. We could do with your support to make sure we can get it printed.

How to help

How would you like your forename or nickname on our ‘dedication and thank you’ page? We want to dedicate the book to everyone who struggles for understanding and with self-injury, and to all our supporters who keep LifeSIGNS going. So we’d like to put your first name or your nickname in our book!

Contribute £5 and get your forename or nickname published in the book and subsequent ebook versions;
If in the UK, contribute £10 and get a copy of the actual book as well as your forename or nickname printed.
We do not know how much the book will cost buyers in January / February yet, so contributing £10 will definitely be good value for you if you want to support LifeSIGNS and have your name published within our ‘thank you’ page.

As a small charitable organisation, run by unpaid volunteers, we need your support to keep going and to run self-injury awareness projects like our new book.

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