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Two new mods and a team leader!

As of today, we are pleased to welcome two new message board mods to our Team. Sartor resartus and FReedomFRIES have joined our Moderating Team. Both sartor resartus and FreedomFRIES are long-standing, valuable members of FirstSigns; they are well liked and respected by members and mods alike, and it’s super to have them join our Team.

Our Mod team work exceptionally hard to keep our message board safe and friendly, and we wouldn’t have a message board without them. They work incredibly hard behind the scenes and volunteer their time for free.

As you know, I run FirstSigns with Wedge. Not just the message board, but the entire organisation. It takes up a great deal of my / our time, and so our mods are vitally important. They do so much of the work that I simply don’t have time to do because I’m busy with other FirstSigns work.

Thanks to the dedication of our mod team, and the fantastic members we have, the majority of mod duties are positive ones. It’s not often we have problems on the board, and our members are happy and comfortable respecting our strict(ish) rules. Our message board is not like others on the web – we really do care about the safety and wellbeing of our members and our rules and guidelines reflect this.

We have a vibrant, friendly community of members who take time to care and support each other, as well as gaining support for themselves during difficult times. We’re proud of our board, and we’re proud of our members.

Some other great message board news is that staralfur has kindly agreed to be our new Mod Team Leader. Staralfur will be taking on more responsibility and helping me with some of the numerous admin duties involved with running a message board. It’s fantastic to have her!

Thank you to our wonderful new mods for joining us, thank you to staralfur for taking on the extra responsibility, thank you to our dedicated mod team for keeping the message board running, and thank you to all our loyal members who make it all worthwhile.


  • Wedge

    Jules has said it all, but may I also extend my gratitude to all out Message Board Moderators.

    It’s great to welcome new Mods and it’s fantastic to know that we have a team leader to help FirstSigns manage our Message Board and serve the needs of our Mods and Members.

    Over the many years we’ve run our Board (and I know lots of our Members remember how shaky the technology of our first Board was [sorry I kept breaking it!]) we’ve had several awesome Moderators who have given their time, effort and expertise to help keep our community a welcoming and useful place to come. Without people volunteering to care for our forums, we wouldn’t be able to run them.

    We’ve recently said goodbye to a couple of Mods, and they know who they are when I say ‘thank you’ for the many many hours of dedicated work they’ve put in over the months and years. Without the considerable efforts of brilliant people like our Mods, we couldn’t safely maintain our Message Board community and support our members while running a whole organisation like FirstSigns.

    Thank you. Thank you to our Mods, past and present.

    And thank you to Jules who works ceaselessly behind the scenes, keeping the Board in tip-top shape and managing all sorts of Administrative requests and tasks.

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