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Our mailing list has literally thousands of members, and over the next few months we intend to increase our use of this resource and provide newsletter style mailings, as well as our usual news updates.

If you’re not already on our mailing list, signing up is easy. Just enter your name (first name or a nickname is fine) and email address and you’ll receive an activation email. Click on the link provided and you’re all set up to receive our newsletters and other updates direct to your inbox. It’s important that you click the link in the email that gets sent to you.

If you signed up ages ago and have since changed email addresses, please take a few moments to re-register so you don’t miss out, after all, it’s SIAD on the 1st of March.

Don’t worry, we’re not going to start bombarding you with daily, or even weekly emails. We just mean to make better use of this service so as to provide you with even more helpful and relevant information.

If you have any ideas for a themed email that you think our members would appreciate then please do leave a comment.

Many thanks

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  • Wedge

    Yep yep, we really love keeping in touch with our members, so please sign up. We blog, we write, we publish, but our emails are just for you.


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