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Our YouTube channel – May summary

In May, we published four brand new videos on our LifeSIGNS YouTube channel. A brief summary of each, along with the videos themselves as recorded by our YouTube Manager Emmie, are displayed below. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel!

Who self-injures:
Self-injury can affect anybody, at any time in their lives. Gender, age, sexual orientation, race, religion and background are all irrelevant. This video explores some of the misconceptions / misunderstandings frequently encountered with SI.

For people who self-injure:
Based on one of LifeSIGNS’ fact sheets, this video is designed to help those struggling with SI themselves.


How to help a friend who self-injures:
If you have a friend who self-injures, it can be really confusing to know how to help. This video, based on another of our fact sheets, offers some suggestions on how to support those who SI and how to discuss this sensitive subject.


Employers self-injury fact sheet:
The fact sheet shown in this video contains guidance for employers and managers in order to help staff who may rely on self-injury at times.



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