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Media Request

A journalist working for an international press agency has requested a young, female volunteer to speak about her experiences of self-injury.

The journalist would ideally would like to find a female participant. She would like to speak to a young person *and* her family about the support they have received to tackle self-injury. Alternatively she would like to speak to a woman who self-injured from a very early age and has now moved away from self-injury.

We are told it will be a very positive article focused on the treatment and recovery process and, if published, the agency will make a donation to the volunteer to thank them for their time. The participant and her family will be able to read and amend the text before publication to ensure they are completely happy with it.

The interview will involve a friendly chat and some photographs in London. However, if the volunteer doesn’t live in London then the interview could take place over the phone and a photographer* would be sent to visit the family pretty much anywhere in the UK at any convenient time.

The volunteer would also need to supply some old photographs* of themselves which would be copied and returned to them.

*FirstSigns does not support the publication of pictures of scars / injuries and we will make it clear to the journalist that no such photos should be taken.

If anyone is interested please email for further details.

Many thanks,

Wedge and Jules

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