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@LifeSIGNS is a Twitter Trusted Resource

LifeSIGNS: Twitter’s Trusted Resource

Self-expression is really important, and social networks such as Twitter have become increasingly popular over the past few years as a tool for offloading. People don’t just Tweet about what they’re doing, they Tweet about how they’re feeling; and sometimes those Tweets come from a very dark place. Such Tweets can be a great cause for concern, not only for the person posting them, but for the people who read them.

Twitter, like LifeSIGNS, takes the safety of its members very seriously, and has created a series of pages within its Help Centre which offer advice and guidance to people who need help. Each page also gives a list of Trusted Resources for each issue in different countries.

For self-harm in the UK, LifeSIGNS is Twitter’s chosen Trusted Resource.

This honour is significant for LifeSIGNS. At a time when the safety of people online has never been more scrutinised, it’s sometimes difficult for people to know and trust where they can be safe. Twitter’s carefully selected Trusted Resources offer peace of mind to those searching for help.

@LifeSIGNS is a Twitter Trusted Resource

LifeSIGNS is twelve years old, and we have been on Twitter since 2007. Our partnerships signifies a commitment on both sides to promote the safety and wellbeing of vulnerable people online.

We are very proud to be Twitter’s Trusted Resource for self-harm in the UK.

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