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Introducing our new YouTube channel

There’s been a lot of activity at LifeSIGNS over the last few months as you’ll know, and one of the great projects we’ve recently been able to see through is to launch our very own YouTube channel, which is managed by Emmie. We hope to be able to reach more people who could benefit from the guidance and support we offer through our videos.

You’ll be able to find out about each video as they’re published through our social networking sites (like Twitter and Facebook) or by subscribing to our YouTube channel, but at the end of each month we’ll also share the links to our newest videos in a blog article, just to make sure you don’t miss out on the latest work happening at LifeSIGNS!

This month saw the publication of two videos. First up we have SOS – Showing Our Scars, where Emmie discusses the pros and cons of showing your scars to people around you, and suggests what you might like to think about if you do decide to show your scars, or if you are asked about how you got them:


The second video to go live was Cover up ideas, exploring ways you can hide or disguise your scars:


We have several new videos ready to share with you all throughout May, so don’t forget to keep an eye on all our news feeds on various channels for the latest.



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