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Fun N Games on our Message Board

Our Message Board, as always, offers a safe, friendly, supportive and inspiring community. We discuss our lives, our emotions and the distress that leads to our self-injury and self-harm, as well as discussing ways in which we can move away from self-injury and seek happier, healthier lives.

We also have some fun! The summer months are always quieter, but some of our members have been very busy creating a poem in our Fun N Games section. I think it’s great so I’m posting it here to share with you all.

With many of our members returning to school uni this month, the board will be busier than ever, and our Happy Hour will be returning soon (Sundays 7.30pm to 8.30pm BST/GMT)

We hope you enjoy our members’ creation, and maybe it will inspire some of you to pop in and join the fun, as well gaining friendly support from our hundreds of members.

There once was a wide mouthed frog called sid (baby_girl84)
he talked alot about his kid (D-elle)
they lived together down by the lake (dragonfly)
right next door to a horrible snake! (dragonfly)
who liked to cook tuna and pasta bake (baby_girl84)
but failed miserably when baking a cake (staral)
This upset his friend, whose birthday was forgotten (Jules)
All he received in the end was a hamper of food that was all rotten (Charlotte)
The food was given to the horrible snake(D-Elle)
Who moaned and groaned with a belly ache (dragonfly)
His kind neighbour – sid the frog (dragonfly)
gave him pepto bismall that made him (baby_girl84)
not very well at all actually, as the snake was allergic to it, but sid the frog wasn’t to know that (staral)
so the snake hit Sid on the head with a bat (D-Elle)
Then Sids kid – Mike, yelled “Leave my Dad alone!!” (dragonfly)
and quickly ran, the frog police to phone (D-Elle) ……….well it rhymes
The snake packed his bags and quickly left town (dragonfly)
in the haste, he fell in the lake and started to drown (D-Elle)
This left Mike and Sid in a muddle (dragonfly)
They gathered together in quite a small huddle (dragonfly)
Should they help save the snake? Hmm – I wonder….? (dragonfly)
but there really was no time to ponder. (peonie)
The frogs hopped to the water and jumped right in, (peonie)
as they reached the snake, he began to swim! (peonie)
and so Sid and Mike headed quickly for shore (D-Elle)
Their legs were tired and their arms were sore (dragonfly)
They watched as the snake swam far away (dragonfly)
On reaching the shore, shouted hip hip hooray (D-Elle)
Meanwhile watching all of the fuss was a pretty girl frog named Shanay (dragonfly ) ???????
and young Mike’s first thought was she ain’t getting away (D-Elle)
He hopped over, flexed his muscles and said… (dragonfly)
“Behold girl frog for I am your personal baker…here is some bread” (baby_girl84)
Mike and Shanay held hands(?) and kissed (D-Elle)
While the dough for the pancakes they both whisked (baby_girl84)
Love was most certainly in the air (D-Elle)
The young couple ate pancakes topped with some pear (dragonfly)
Mike got down on his knee(?) to propose (D-Elle)
Shanay smiled then replied.. “Yes – i suppose!!” (dragonfly)
And so they went to tell Sid the good news (D-Elle)
Sid however was not so happy (baby_girl84)
Infact to the young couple – Sid was downright snappy!! (dragonfly)
“Dad..” said Mike “Why are you so mad?” (dragonfly)
“‘Cos you’re both too young and it’s making me sad” (D-Elle)
“Just make more pancakes for a little while” (D-Elle)
and as they did it brought a smile (Candy)
Mike and Shanay made pancakes and waited (D-Elle)
All of this tension they hated!! (dragonfly)
They decided that their engagement would be long term..(dragonfly) How am I meant to find a word that rhymes with ‘term’?(D-Elle)
Shanay swam in the river and caught a horrible GERM(D-Elle) that’s perfect – well done!! – dragonfly
Mike was full of concern about her fever (D-Elle)
with the only cure from the hair of a beaver (lilac)
So Mike, Sid and even the horrible snake (D-Elle)
searched for a beaver the cure to make (D-Elle)
They searched day and night before they found beavers hut (dragonfly)
And to steal some hair, hit the beaver on the head with a nut (D-Elle)
The beaver fell to the ground with a mighty thud ! (dragonfly)
Mike pulled out beavers hair, and hopped back through the mud (dragonfly)
He hopped and hopped as fast as he could (D-Elle)
Mike quickly arrived home – (as we expected he would), (dragonfly)
He took the beavers hair and put it into the pot (dragonfly)
And waited impatiently for it to boil and get hot (D-Elle)
As it came to the boil he poured it into a tea cup (dragonfly)
and when mike took it to Shanay he tripped up (D-Elle)
“Arrrhhh” Mike cried, as he rescued just a drop (dragonfly)
He gave it to Shanay, and her feevered brow began to mop (D-Elle)
Mike stayed at her bedside all through the night (dragonfly)
and in the morning he got an awful fright (D-Elle)
During the night he’d fallen asleep (D-Elle)
He awoke to the sound of his alarm clock, and that awful BEEP !! (dragonfly)
He jumped to his feet and turned to look at Shanay… (dragonfly)
Who, very sadly, whilst he slept had past away ……..(sorry for making it sad – D-Elle)
Sid comforted Mike throughout this very difficult time (dragonfly) (not sure where to go??)
And Mike was determined, this mountain to climb (D-Elle)
Lucky for Mike he had his friends to support him (dragonfly)
and he found it good therapy to go for a swim (D-Elle)
soon he was no longer feeling grim (D-Elle)
He decided to go out and travel the world (dragonfly)
and meet all the nice people, or so he had been told (jean)
His past behind him – he decided to move on (dragonfly)
This was the beginning – a brand new dawn (D-Elle)

Thank you to everyone who took part in this thread :)

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  • dragonfly

    i think Sid the Frog was a great idea, and it was loads of fun to see everyone add their own bits to the story. thanks to you all for keeping in rhyme :) i know that this was difficult at times!



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