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Attending a LifeSIGNS meet-up

Thank you to everyone who has contacted us about our summer meet-up in Birmingham on 24 July.  I know some of you haven’t yet decided whether to join  us, so this post is just to give you a little information on what to expect and to share with you the ways in which you might benefit by joining us in Birmingham.


Anyone who is a member or supporter of LifeSIGNS / FirstSigns is welcome to attend. This includes anyone who is a member of our message board, Facebook group, Facebook page, Bebo or MySpace, and of course all our Twitter followers and readers of this blog.  Anyone who supports the work we do by taking an interest in self-injury awareness is also welcome to attend.


Our meet-ups are not ‘serious’ events, they are fun! We’re not really there to talk about self-injury – self-injury is only a small part of who we are as people, and our meet-ups are about the rest of us. So it’s great finding other things we have in common and chatting about the fun stuff in our lives – the healthy, happy stuff that makes us who we really are. Basically it’s a chance to relax with like-minded people, over a drink, for lighthearted chat.

Meet new people / make new friends

Our meet-ups are a great way to meet with the people you’ve got to know online, including Wedge and myself, and two of our moderators Staralfur and Lindsay, in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. But even if you don’t really know anyone yet, then they’re a perfect opportunity to meet new people and possibly even make new friends – and unlike internet friendships you get to meet the real people straight away, and in a safe environment.


Of course, attending a meet-up isn’t easy. I’ve been to several and I guarantee I’ll still be nervous on 24 July, so I know how daunting it can feel – especially if it’s your first time. It takes courage to travel, courage to get yourself to a venue and meet a group of people, none of whom you may have met before. But your bravery will be worth it once you settle down with a drink and relax into the experience.

Bring someone with you

You don’t need to come alone – everyone is welcome to bring a friend, partner or family member with them if they wish.

When / where

Date: Saturday 24th July 2010

Location: Birmingham

Venue: The Dragon Inn, Hurst Street, Birmingham B5 5TD

Time: 1pm – 3pm

Please see our ‘Invitation‘ for full details.

Wedge and I will be there for the full two hours, so if you can be in Birmingham on 24 July then please do pop along to join us for a while, even if you can’t mamnage the whole session.

Questions or concerns

If you’re coming along, or if you have any questions or concerns that need addressing before you decide, then please do email me and I’ll do my best to reassure you. Or if you follow our Twitter, then you’re welcome to send us an @ or DM.


It’s always useful to have some idea of who will be attending, and there’s extra contact information we give attendees in case they need to contact us on the day, so if you think you’re likely to join us please email

We look forward to meeting you.

Wedge and Jules

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