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We’re on a mission! Come and join us as we change the world :)

Art skyscraper imageTo offer a vibrant, unique and comprehensive selection of resources, support and fresh information that everyone affected by self-injury can relate to and benefit from.

To fully engage our members in an accessible, non-judgemental and non-directional manner, while empowering them to make their own positive and self-directed changes. By providing a safe, lively and vibrant community of support, encourage people to make positive choices in their lives and to seek health and happiness on a daily basis and in everything they do. We aspire to enable people to find healthier coping mechanisms in order that they themselves may choose to move away from self-injury.

To blast away the cobwebs from tired old texts and dated opinions on self-injury and provide insightful and forward-thinking knowledge and training to Doctors, Nurses, Health Care Workers, Youth Workers, Teachers and those working with and caring for people affected by self-injury, including their family and friends.

To positively challenge the way in which self-injury is dealt with by all sections of the community, thus encouraging a nationwide continuum where everyone who self-injures will know what care they can expect to receive, and be sure they will receive it.

To raise understanding about the syndrome of self-injury in the UK and beyond and to actively influence national attitudes towards self-injury by banishing stigma, crushing stereotypes and dispelling the myths associated with self-injury.

To actively influence every single person in the UK so that nobody suffers in silence and that everybody has heard of, and has a better understanding of, self-injury. To inspire everyone, whether personally affected or not, to choose to find out about self-injury, to ask questions, and to care about the causes and effects of self-injury and about people who hurt themselves. To ensure that nobody is left in any doubt that self-injury is a coping mechanism that can affect anyone; that age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity and personal strength have no bearing.

To remain non-elitist; our excellent resources are available for everybody and we aspire to reach out and affect people. We intend to be the number one resource for self-injury in the UK, both online and in real-life, whereby when someone says ‘self-injury’ everyone automatically thinks of the LifeSIGNS Voluntary Organisation.

A mission statement flavours the way in which an organisation acts and the decisions it makes.

We hope that our mission statement will provide inspiration to the Directors and other volunteers, and guide the development of LifeSIGNS.


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