First photos of our new wristbands and keyrings for 2017

We love our new wristband designs, and we hope you’ll appreciate the secret messages we’ve included on the inside this year!

As usual, the wristbands do not directly mention ‘self-injury’ – they say “SI Awareness” and ‘Break the (si)lence”. We’ll let you check the secret messages on the inside when you get yours.

Yes, we deliver worldwide, but we have two seperate postal costs – one for the UK, and one for everyone outside of the UK, in the ‘Rest of the World’.

So, if you live in the UK, you can easily get yours very quickly.

If you’re in America, or anywhere outside of the UK, please make sure you’re on the second half of the page, so that you’re selecting wristbands for delivery in the ‘Rest of the World’.


Share our photos

You are very welcome to save / download the images on this page, and you can publish them on your own website or share them across your social networks.

We deliver wristbands via normal post, and it can take 3 or 4 days in the UK. Please don’t email to ask if we have sent your wristband – of course we have! If it gets lost in the post, email us 7 days after you ordered.

If you’re in America or Australia, it can take weeks to arrive. Sorry, but you live a long way away, so please place you’re order asap.

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