Preparing for #SIAD – what to do

Preparing for #SIAD – what to do

Self injury wristbandsFebruary is our busiest month, and we hope you’re ready to get involved. Self-Injury Awareness Day is on the 1st of March, and so the whole month of February is the best time to raise awareness, and we have several resources available to help you.

The first thing we think you’ll want to know about is that our SI Awareness wristbands are available again! They are swirly orange and purple, and available to people in the UK, and also to everyone in the rest of the word. You just need to have a debit card, credit card or PayPal account.

Our Self-Injury Awareness Day resource page has been revamped for 2013. We haven’t yet got our posters online, but you can visit the SIAD page now for things to do in February. Our SIAD page is the third and fourth result on Google when searching for ‘Self Injury Awareness Day’ and is the top result from a mental health organisation. Which other organisations have supported SIAD each and every year for over a decade?

On the LifeSIGNS SIAD page you’ll find:

  1. Fact sheets to download, share, print and stick up;
  2. Draft status updates to copy and share;
  3. Awareness raising ideas;
  4. Printable posters to come – return to our website next week to check them.

We are recruiting for volunteer project managers to join our virtual team and help us achieve more in 2013. Project managers drive our organisation forward by creating and executing online awareness projects. Project managers have a varied background, so read more about the requirements and our expectations and see if you want to join a team that means to change the world.

There are two surveys currently available; one is looking into the use of self-injury related forums and websites, and the other one is investigating self-injury in young people who identify as LGBTQ.

We have refreshed our links and helpline pages, to help you find a variety of information and crisis services.

We know that self-injury is not ‘merely a teen thing’ as some people consider it. Our services are not limited to the under twenty-fives, and while we understand the pressures on young people, we write our guidance and information for people of all ages. We recently published a page about the additional concerns an adult who self-injures faces. And, we will never neglect male self-injury.

LifeSIGNS has been working to raise awareness and smash stigma for over ten years; while we’ve been fortunate to be on TV, radio, and in some magazines and newspapers, we are still just a small charitable organisation, run by volunteers. We are managed and run by people like you; people who know self-injury from the inside. Please help us in our mission, and please support us so we can still be here for people in distress in 2014.

Thank you; please share your photos of wristbands with us over Twitter, tumblr or Facebook, and let us know what you’re doing in February and on the 1st of March to raise awareness.

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