ChoicesWe have more options than we allow ourselves to realise, to investigate.

When we wail that we ‘have no choice’ we’re often lying to ourselves – a self betrayal.

It takes effort to consider more than the obvious choices, it takes an open mind and an uncommon bravery.

If we blame others for our actions, we deny our own power; we give away our lives when we childishly claim ‘they made me do it’.

So if it ever looks like we have only one or two options, we should refuse to accept such a deception. When we don’t know what to do we can reflect, make a list, and choose to be human and do the best we can.


Audio: spoken word – listen to Wedge talk more about the new year and our options; 3:30 minutes.

Our second decade

“Breaking the silence around self-injury”

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