Fresh starts and commitment

Fresh starts and commitment

JourneyWith the new year, January is a great time to assess your life and look for habits, processes and ambitions to develop and change.

The things we do often, our behaviours, guide the person we become. We become what we do most often.

It’s lovely to have a date on the calendar, to count days in the diary, but there’s nothing in this world that compels us to start things on a Monday, or on the 1st of the month, or at 8pm. Starting is only the beginning, literally. Starting is a great step forward, but it’s only a small part of the journey onwards. The real work is all about continuing efforts and the dedication of working on our habits, processes and ambitions each day. Each hour, sometimes.

Rest is an important part of any long journey. We can’t run a marathon every day without serious implications (and serious support). Some days we need to rest, to break from our striving. We may even be able to review our progress and enjoy the view!

So keep on keepin’ on. Beginnings are important, but the journey often winds and wanders; keep your eyes on the horizon and keep going. Today is more important than yesterday. Now is your time.

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