Your five a day for happiness

Your five a day for happiness

Whatever you’re feeling right now, you can enhance and even change your thoughts and feelings by doing stuff.

It’s like a science experiment, or cake recipe, or a magick spell – follow the basic instructions, add your own personal spin, and see what happens!

1) Do something for someone else. Don’t ever do anything just to get a ‘thank you’ or to attempt to attract attention – you’ll enhance your happiness if you genuinely spend some energy doing something selfless.

2) Clear your workspace. Spend three minutes putting things where they should be – give yourself the space to really think and really work. Your brain will thank you for getting rid of the ‘weight’ of all that clutter.

3) Write all your ideas, ambitions, concerns, tasks and worries down. Clear your mind so that it doesn’t have to cycle through them all, or worry about forgetting something important. Record thoughts on your phone or in a notebook every day.

4) Go outside. You may have travelled for school, work or appointments, but make sure you go for a walk every day. Go visit a pond, a favourite shop, or just do a circuit of your town / area. The point is to open your senses to all the changes that occur and increase your awareness. Noticing new stuff can be inspiring and gives you stuff to talk about.

5) Learn a new, personal way, of resting. Whether you like a cup of tea with a book, listening to a podcast with your eyes closed, or watching the world go by from a good seat in a café – do something that doesn’t involve staring at the computer or TV screen.

You won’t know if you don’t try – why be stuck in old ways when you can take control and have a go?

A key to happiness is to seek the little pieces of joy that can be found in most things every day – every day.

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