ORTV, a television company, is making a programme for the BBC Learning Zone along the lines of Radio 1’s ‘The Surgery’ where young people call in to discuss issues that are affecting them.

They are looking for young people between the age of 13 and 18 who are happy to talk to about their experiences with issues they have faced, or are facing. These include:

· Compulsive Behaviour
· Depression , attempted Suicide
· Stress, someone who has suffered bereavement
· Self-harming
· Eating disorders

At this stage they would simply like to talk to young people about the issues they have been dealing with, then they would see who would be interested in being in the programme as a ‘phone caller’ to the radio show ‘The Surgery’. The most important factor is the person’s ability to be able to talk about something sensitive and difficult.

Although those who volunteer to take part may be still suffering and experiencing recovery, it’s really important that the experience of talking and being on TV wouldn’t cause any further difficulties or upset. ORTV will of course handle all of the interviewees with the utmost care and sensitivity.

Hannah at ORTV is very excited about the project and they are very keen to make a programme that will not only address the required elements for the National Curriculum for PSHE, but that will use real interviewees that will contribute substantially to the aim of helping young people to articulate their feelings and emotions and identify sources of help and information.

Before volunteering to be a part of this show, talk the idea over with your family and friends. You won’t have to use your real name but you will be on television. You can choose to be filmed in an artistic manner (basically, lots of close-ups so it’s hard to see it’s you). Talk it over with your loved ones.

Email me on Wedge@firstsigns.org.uk with your first name, age and whether you’d be talking about self-injury or some other issue (as suggested in the list above). I will pass your details directly to Hannah at the production company.


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