You can’t walk down the street without being asked for a donation. The television is full of expensive looking adverts that ask for donations – and of course right now there are some serious humanitarian disasters around the world that need our focus and cash.

Junk mail piles up at our door, asking us to bag up our old toys and clothes (as if we have old clothes *every two weeks*!) and leaflets ask us to sign up for Direct Debits to support the homeless in London, the hungry in Africa.

We all care, but we don’t all have the money or the emotional strength to take all these requests seriously do we? Do we? If I read every word of every request that came through my door I think I’d end up crying on the kitchen floor, unable to go to work before I’d signed the 18th Direct Debit agreeement…

I feel like a heartless ******** putting them in the recycling tub, or on top of the fridge for ‘when I get home’…

I know I give what I can each and every month; I have my favourite causes, voluntary orgs and charities that I donate to every payday, but we’re all asked to donate more and more aren’t we?

Are we being asked for too much? Do we hope our parents give more then us, or do we give more than our parents?

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