We’d like to hear from people from within the Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) community about self-injury.

We have the chance to feature in a magazine that champions diversity and the BME community.

So, we’d like to ask if you, as a member of the BME community, if you’d be willing to provide a quote about your experiences. We’d only need your first name, no picture.

  • Perhaps you’ve felt it’s harder to ask for help?
  • Perhaps you’ve experienced prejudices about self-injury from within the BME community?
  • Perhaps you’ve experienced prejudices / racism outside of the BME community, and this has affected your self-injurious behaviour or the ways you seek support?
  • Perhaps you prefer online help as you’re unsure how to access support in real-life?
  • Perhaps you’re worried about how your family would feel about your SI?

Please <strong>email</strong> me now with a couple of sentences about your experiences or your fears: Wedge@firstsigns.org.uk

Sadly, there isn’t space to publish a lot, so I really would appreciate if you could send me a very short email with a ‘quote’ the magazine can use. Something short.

Please state your name in the way you want it published, just your first name if you like.

Thank you very much


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