wristbandSelf-Injury Awareness Day (SIAD) is the 1st of March, 2010. That means that we’ll sell loads of SI Awareness wristbands and keyrings in February.

Which is great! I mean, it’s just fantastic to think so many people will be wearing our wristbands through March – it makes us proud of our members and supporters, and really helps our organisation’s finances.

As you know, we’re a voluntary org and we’re unfunded. Everything we do, we do out of consideration for you, our visitors, not because it’s our job to, or because we get paid to. FirstSigns is run by people with personal experience of self-injury for people affected by self-injury.

So as an unfunded organisation, designing and selling wristbands really helps us to pay for our website costs and our printing costs – everything that makes us exist if you see what I mean.

So we’d like to invite you to buy an orange wristband from us in November to help us now.

There’s so much to do now. February and SIAD are just around the corner – we look forward to the increased interest in SI and in our services from people and from the media, but we need to prepare now, to make sure we’re still running smoothly when SIAD comes around.

We’re asking for your help now – we know lots of people will help us in February, but we’re asking for your help now.

Please buy a wristband in November and help us survive and thrive in time for SIAD.

You’ll be welcome to buy our new keyrings in February ;)

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