After several months discussing our plans and ideas for a book for FirstSigns, the actual writing of it has finally arrived! This week Wedge and I will be working together and writing several thousand words a day, so that we can publish the book in time for SIAD 2010.

As with many things it’s the ‘getting going’ that’s the hardest step, and on this early Tuesday morning it feels quite daunting, with a huge word count ahead of us. But it’s exciting too. It’s also nice to be working closely with Wedge in real life for the week, as the majority of our work is usually done via communicating over the internet or on the phone (no, we don’t have swanky offices in London !)

Anyway, it’s time to get going now and write those first few words. We’ll be keeping you up-to-date with our progress via our blog, Twitter and AudioBoo, and any encouragement along the way would be greatly appreciated, so please do leave us comments and we’ll be back with a progress report later :)

You can listen to our mini-podcast below!


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