A top magazine are currently researching a feature on self-injury in women in their 20s and 30s, and are looking for a woman aged 20-35 who either began self-injuring in that age group, or started younger and returned to self-injury when faced with the stresses of adult life. They are keen to bring the issue of self-injury in adults to their readers’ attention , especially those who may be suffering the pressure of the recession.

If you can help, they would interview the volunteer on the phone, and ask them how it started, what form the self-harm took, how it made them feel and how it affected their jobs, social lives, etc. The journalist in question has personal experience of self-injury, so I will treat the issue with the sensitivity required. The deadline is the end of this week, so if you fit the criteria and would like to volunteer, please email Jules@FirstSigns.org.uk as soon as possible.

Many thanks.

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