Nicki, a student at Birmingham University, would like to invite you to take part in her study on self-injury and support Message Boards. As a member of the LifeSIGNS community, we’d very much like to recommend this questionnaire to you, as Nicki has promised to share the results with us, and so we’ll be showing you the basic stats later in the year.

The questionnaire is absolutely anonymous, and might take you a bit more than 5 minutes to complete, but no longer than 20 minutes; just tick the appropriate answers on the online form, and be sure to express yourself in your own words when it asks you to.

Be aware that the questionnaire does deal with self-injurious behaviour in a matter of fact manner, and if you’re willing to take part, you should ensure that you’re in a good frame of mind. You can exit the questionnaire at any time, and seek support within our Message Board should you wish.

Online SI Questionnaire

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