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   Helping you  Depression can be behind self injury

Read before you hurt yourselfHelping you - We all need a little help, support and love while we work through our self-harm. Self-help and self-care can replace self-injury

PowerfulRecognising that our self-injury / self-harm isn't as 'helpful' as we'd like to believe is a big step. Everyone needs ways of coping, ways of dealing with the stress and distress, but we can learn other ways of managing our emotions.

While getting support from others and from professional services is often really helpful (if also quite stressing) self-help is the first idea to consider when you're ready to reduce your reliance on self-injury.

LifeSIGNS is led and managed by people with personal experience of self-harm - everything you read here has been written by someone who struggles with the urge to hurt:

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LifeSIGNS is run entirely by the Directors and Supporters who give their time for free.

LifeSIGNS has many projects that require printing, we will only be able to pay for printing if we receive donations, bursaries or grants.

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