We want you to talk to a doctor, nurse or counsellor; we can also offer some ideas as we know self-injury from the inside

We know it’s hard to go to your doctor, we know it’s hard to talk about self-injury and the distressing things behind it. At LifeSIGNS, we believe that getting help and support is a brave step forward, and something that has benefited many of our members once they’ve found the strength to take that step.

We answer questions online, and questions and answers are published on our little Tumblr blog. In order to receive your answer, you will want to ‘follow’ our Tumblr or browse our answers in the days after you’ve submitted your question.

You do not need to have a Tumblr account to ask us a question.

We stress that it is important to talk to your own doctor about any mental, emotional or physical worries or problems your might have, and remind all our members and readers that we don’t offer definitive answers, but rather general guidance and ideas to help you feel more confident to take action and look after yourself.

The Small Print

LifeSIGNS offers members and visitors the opportunity to speak with a member or members of our management committee only so we can offer a little extra support and provide some ideas. Our ideas are in no way a replacement for any therapeutic course or psychological, behavioural or medical instructions received from your health care professional.

We offer ideas because it’s part of our mission to empower individuals to look at their self-injurious behaviours and consider new ways of coping – just as our website offers.

We are able to offer ideas but not advice. We can offer ideas because we’ve over ten year’s experience in serving our members and visitors online, and the members of the management committee have personal experience of self-injury and the journey of recovery.

Questions and answers are published publically on our little Tumblr blog, and the link may be promoted on our website and via Twitter etc.

We will not publish your full name; you are welcome to use a nickname or nothing at all.

We reserve the right to edit your questions for the sake of clarity and conciseness, and to soften any graphic or triggering language.

We prefer to answer questions via the web (Tumblr) rather than via email. When a question and answer is shared online, it benefits so many people, whereas email is hidden from view. Plus we do not officially offer ‘support via email’ – rather, we are just a very friendly and open organisation and accept that people want to talk with us!

Any guidance given should not considered a direct instruction, and should not be treated as a substitute for the medical advice of your own doctor or other health care professional. Always talk to your own GP or mental health professional if you are concerned about your health.

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