Self-injury research – interviews

Edyta is looking into self-injury as part of her research into ‘hope and hopelessness’ for her doctoral level studies at City University London.

Edyta is looking for people to interview about their lives and reliance upon self-injury. Naturally, interviews will be treated strictly confidentially and participant’s identities will be protected.

If you’d be willing to speak to her, you should be:

  • at least 20 years of age;
  • in employment (part-time or full-time);
  • relying on self-injury from time to time;
  • without suicidal intentions; and
  • not currently undergoing therapy or counselling.

Interviews would be face to face in an agreed location, and Edyta is based in London but is willing to travel to interview you.

“Self-harm is a common behaviour that is known to have a poor response to treatment. The widespread perception of self-harm places an emphasis on the negative aspects of the behaviour. However, there is also a less known view that constructs self-harm as a positive behaviour. Therefore, this research aims to explore the understanding of hope and hopelessness in the stories on self-harm.”

Please email for more information.

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