A new theatre company in London is looking for true-life stories; would you be willing to talk to Amy sometime? Amy will write a script based around your experience with self-injury, mental health and any stigma or difficulties you’ve come across.

Amy is looking for people of all ages, gender and background – there are no limits when looking for an inspiring or heartfelt story. If you’re willing to talk with Amy you can remain anonymous as all names and identifiable places will be changed. Amy wouldn’t ‘interview’ you as such, you’d be free to talk about everything and anything in a recorded informal discussion. No photographs are required.

If willing, you would meet Amy, and if agreed, her writing partner in London or the south-east at a location that’s convenient to you.

Please email me on Wedge@firstsigns.org.uk with your first-name and location and I will pass your email directly on to Amy. Amy will then email you with a couple of questions.

Talk the idea over with a trusted friend and then mail me if you’d like to be involved.


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