After the success of our 2010 calendar, featuring twelve of your awesome pictures, we’ve decided to produce a new calendar for 2011

Once again we’d like to invite you to get involved and help us by submitting pictures of your artwork or photographs for possible inclusion in the calendar, our publications and on our website.

Don’t worry if you’re not artistic; we’re not looking for perfection here. All we ask is that your pictures are positive and / or inspiring; after all, they’ll be viewed for a whole month in people’s homes and offices!

If you’re not into art or drawing, then maybe you’d like to take a photograph of something that makes you smile or that inspires you. It could be a tree, a favourite view, or a much-loved pet.

Please email you pictures or images to and include the name you would like your picture published under (either your first name or a nickname) and one short sentence describing what the picture is. If your picture is included in our calendar, your sentence will also appear on the page.

Please ensure you send us the largest image your camera is able to take, as the ‘image quality’ needs to be high. This means the file you attach to your email will be quite large, so don’t be surprised if it takes a couple of minutes to send.

We’ve got some great pics already submitted to our Confessions / Expressions wall, and you’re welcome to upload your artwork there still – but right now we’re asking for your artwork and photographs to be emailed in.

We have a deadline for this project, so we ask that you please submit your work to us by Friday 15th October.

Many thanks,

Wedge and Jules

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