Today is SIAD, or Self-Injury Awareness Day. All over the globe people and groups will be raising awareness about this difficult subject and at FirstSigns / LifeSIGNS we have been busy preparing for several weeks.

Wedge has worked hard on our SIAD page and spent a great deal of time giving quotes to the media (it’s fantastic that each year the media show increasingly more interest in SIAD!)

Of course we can only do so much – I’m confident we provide more information and resources for SIAD than any other organisation, but it’s down to our members and visitors to make use of everything we provide and do their bit to help raise awareness about self-injury.

So please do print our posters and stick them up wherever you can today. It’s not too late to email your local media or MP, or to slip a letter or factsheet through the door of your GP, school or workplace. You can find a template letter on our SIAD page and all our Factsheets on our publications page.

We’d love to know what you’re doing today for SIAD so please do leave us a comment, post on our Facebook Group or Page, Bebo, Myspace or our Message Board, or send us a reply on Twitter.

Thank you to all our members, supporters and visitors – have a great SIAD.

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