posterIt’s only two weeks until Self-Injury Awareness Day (SIAD), an international event that takes place on 1st March each year to raise awareness about self-injury.

As always, FirstSigns (LifeSIGNS) has produced a fantastic self-injury awareness day web page to help you with your own awareness raising, with guidance as to what you might like to do and information to aid you. Our Factsheets are always popular, this time of year in particular, and there’s one for everyone – whether you’re a friend or family member of someone who hurts themselves, a teacher or a healthcare worker. There’s even one specifically for guys. We also have a detailed guidance document to help schools who wish to create and maintain a self-injury policy.

Of course we have posters for you to download too, and Wedge has worked incredibly hard updating them for you, so I hope you’ll make good use of them and post them up wherever you can.  And our awareness wristbands are still available to purchase either for yourself, or for others.

I’m sure we’ll be keeping you well reminded about SIAD over the next couple of weeks, and we wish you all well with your awareness raising activities. Do let us know what you’re planning!

Please spread the word about SIAD and our page – perhaps you could promote the SIAD address on Twitter, Buzz, Facebook, Bebo, MySpace and your favorite networks? Just send people to or

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