Caroline, a trainee phsychologist studying for a Doctorate in Counselling Psychology at City University in London has asked for volunteers to participate in a face-to-face interview with people who self-injure. She is particularly interested in exploring how people talk about and understand self-injury (including both people who self-harm and health professionals working in this area), and how this understanding impacts upon feelings and behaviours.

Caroline is hoping that the chance to talk about their experiences and feelings in a safe environment, and the opportunity to have their voice heard (plus potentially change future treatment by health professionals) may encourage some response.

Volunteers must 18 or over and would be required to participate in an interview that should last approximately 45-60 minutes. The interview will be tape-recorded and will take place at public location that is acceptable to you; preferably in the London area but she may be prepared to travel if necessary.

If anyone is interested or would like more details, please email

Many thanks

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