We have the best Message Board! We really do, and here’s why.

  1. We’ve got a large, vibrant and friendly community of supportive people who understand self-injury – and we’ve got a great Moderator team to run the Board, keep it safe, and to help Members around the forums;

  2. We’ve just upgraded the software of our Message Board; it’s brand new and top quality. Here are some of the features you’ll find on the LifeSIGNS Message Board that you just won’t find elsewhere:

  • Accessible and easy to use on any screen-size, even your mobile phone;

  • Upload images directly within your post, have them shown as ‘attachments’ or as clickable thumbnails within the body of your post;

  • Privately add ‘Friends’ to your profile so you can quickly find out what they’ve been up to and keep in touch;

  • As well as images, you can insert Flash into your posts and signatures;

  • Avatars and Custom Ranks come as standard of course;

  • ‘Update messages’ when you are replying to a post, so you know if someone else is replying at the same time;

  • Private Messaging has been overhauled and improved like you wouldn’t believe; you can customise your folders and choose your own settings;

  • You have a personal ‘user control panel’ from where you can easily access all areas of your account;

  • Members can easily ‘flag’ a post as inappropriate to Moderators, helping keep our Board safe and saving you time sending PMs. It also means that the first mod online will deal with the issue, rather than waiting for the specific mod you PMed to log in;

  • Extra features for Mods and Admin which will enable us to keep the board, and you, especially safe;

  • No spam, no fake accounts, just friendly support every day of the year – there’s almost always a few people online (in the UK and abroad).


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