I just noticed, after years of Google giving LifeSIGNS a PageRank score of 4 out of 10, we’ve just gone up to 5!

Check for yourself!

Only the largest, most popular websites have a PageRank of 9 or 10, for LifeSIGNS to get 5 must mean that some decent, high-quality websites are linking to us – sites like the BBC and other well-known trusted sites.

Every website that links to LifeSIGNS at www.lifesigns.org.uk helps let Google know where to place us in its search pages, and I’m dead excited to see that we’ve gone up to 5 now – I never expected to get above the very respectable 4 :)

Why is this so exciting? OK, it isn’t really, but as the webmaster for the LifeSIGNS Voluntary Organisation, I like to see our website progress, and I respect Google’s systems.

Read more about what PageRank is.

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