Tonight (Sunday 28 October 2007) we are hosting a record breaking ‘Happy Hour’ at 7:30pm GMT (UK Winter Time).

If you’re a member of our Message Board then we’d like to ask you to join us, and we hope you received our recent email.

‘Happy Hour’ is a weekly event that takes place within our Message Board where loads of us are online and ‘posting / chatting’ at once – the Message Board is real busy and it’s a great chance to get to know other members better in a relaxed and fun environment. Tonight’s Happy Hour may well be our largest gathering ever, and we’d like your help in breaking our previous record of ‘most members online at one time’.

If you’re not a member of our Message Board, then you may want to register and make use of our well Moderated, well maintained Message Board community. LifeSIGNS offers a space to express yourself and be heard, a space to talk about self-injury in a safe non-triggering setting. I do suggest that you read our Rules first though, as unlike ‘some websites’, LifeSIGNS (registered charity) takes the management of our Message Boar seriously.

Hope to see you tonight! Remember that the clocks in the UK and Europe went back one hour last night!

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