Angela, a trainee counsellor at Stockport College (Greater Manchester), is hoping to speak with a person who has direct personal experience of self-injury in order to raise awareness within her class of counsellors.

This is an opportunity to help trainees who may become professional counsellors practicing in the UK understand the emotional elements behind self-injury, and why your might rely on hurting yourself to help you cope.

Angela would like to hear from you, literally! She’s hoping that you might create a 5 or 10 minute recording that explains why you hurt yourself, and how you feel before and after – and why you might feel that self-injury ‘works’ for you. There’s no need to go into method details, and there’s no need for the recording to be triggering in any manner, it’s just a chance for you to express yourself verbally and be heard by trainee professionals.

You may be able to record your feelings on a Cassette recorder, or perhaps as an MP3 on your computer – either way, you can arrange such matters with Angela over email, and so I would like to invite you to email with the following details:

  • First Name:
  • Age:
  • 100 / 150 words that describe the emotional reasons behind your self-injury, and what sort of support you currently receive for your self-injury.

Please use the subject of ‘Recording’ in your email, thank you. Please don’t write more than 150 words.

Please email as soon as possible, if you are have the ability to record your voice and the willingness to talk about yourself.

Many thanks

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