Emma, (a 37 year old psychology student at Coventry University) would like to gather a group of people who have personal experience of self-injury, and who are willing to talk about their experiences.

Emma isn’t interested in statistics and won’t pry into why or when you started self-harming. Rather, she’s very much interested in how you interpret and talk about any of the experiences you have had in relation to self-harm.

You yourself would not be ‘analysed’ and this isn’t a psychoanalytical research project, Emma would be focussing her research on the themes that the group discusses, which may show challenges facing the Health services in the UK.

Emma would like to set-up a one-time Focus Group in real-life, perhaps around the West Midlands in October/November this year, for 4-7 people to come to and share stories and experiences. Emma may also look into setting up a private Discussion Forum online to have the discussion over a period of days for the invited members.

If you’d like to volunteer to meet with Emma and others, please email me and let me know if you are interested in a Real Life Focus Group, or an Online Discussion.


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