BBC 1Xtra have produced an audio documentary about self-injury called ‘Screaming Without Words’; it’s a frank discussion about the issues surrounding SI, and it may well be triggering to some people – it’s aim is to raise understanding among people who don’t know a lot about SI.

The documentary features Janet from LifeSIGNS, and several ernest interviews with young people from various backgrounds, cultures and religions, as well as notes from nurses and teachers.

Janet discusses her cultural background, what she describes as an identity crisis. Janet recorded her interview in November 2005.

You can listen to the audio file online right now, see the ‘Screaming Without Words‘ page from 1Xtra.

I will be recording my response to the documentary tomorrow at the 1Xtra studio, and I can only hope that I speak as clearly and as well as our Janet and the other brave people who told their story.

You will need ‘RealPlayer‘ to listen to audio from the BBC, but you can also try ‘Real Alternative‘ if you would prefer.

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